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Company brief name: Ningbo Sunrise Elc Technology Co.,Ltd. English name: Ningbo Sunrise Elc Technology Co.,Ltd.
Stock short: Sunrise Elc Stock code: 002937
Legal represent : Zhang liang zhong Pirector secretary: Zhou shun song
Company Telephone: 0574-63411656 Fax: 0574-63411657
Company Website: www.desertrosehealingarts.com Mail: Sunrise001@zxec.com
Address: Changhe Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province Business registration: 91330200734241532X
Register capital (RMB):  1.84Billion Industry: Manufacturing of Computers, Communications and Other Electronic Equipment
Business scope:Electronic components (including frequency control and selection components), electronic products accessories, plastic products, hardware accessories, molds and accessories research and development, design, manufacture, processing; electroplating processing. (Projects subject to approval in accordance with the law may not carry out business activities until approved by relevant departments)